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5 Benefits of Moving to a Senior Living Community

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

You may have lived in your home for 30+ years, creating a lifetime of beautiful memories. Now, the kids have moved out, and you’re left with the upkeep of a house that’s too big for just you and your spouse. The thought of cleaning out closets and downsizing can be overwhelming, but maybe it’s time to simplify your life and consider moving to a senior living community?

Why Move to a Senior Living Community?

1. Freedom from yard work and home maintenance If you’ve been in your home for many years, odds are you have a repair man on speed dial. Appliances break, roofs have to be replaced (thank you hail damage), yard work needs to be done, and the list goes on. In a senior living community you will live a maintenance-free lifestyle. A/C goes out? Not your problem! 2. Pay ONE monthly price for most of your expenses Owning your home is expensive…in addition to those pesky home maintenance expenses, take a minute to add up your monthly living expenses--utilities, cable and internet, plus your property taxes and insurance. Once you add up all your expenses, and compare it to the cost of senior housing, you may be surprised.

Depending on the type of senior living community you select, meals may also be included. You might even want to ditch your car since almost everything you need is located on-site and transportation services are available. Another way you save money. 3. Activities, Activities, Activities! Do any of these appeal to you? Fitness classes, Movie night, Happy Hour with Professional Entertainment, Water Aerobics, Walking Club, Bible Study, Gardening, Painting class, Cooking demos, Poker, and the list goes on. In a senior living community you can choose to be involved in one or all of these activities…and they’re only steps away from your apartment door!

4. Make New Friends Many seniors can become isolated when they remain in their own home. Perhaps they’ve been widowed, or dear friends have moved out of the area or passed away. As you become active in your new senior living community you will meet other seniors with common interests. They may even encourage you to try something new, like a country line dancing class…or an outing to the symphony.

5. Make the transition to Senior Living while you’re still healthy Unfortunately, too many seniors wait until it’s too late to make a move. Many let the fear of the unknown keep them stuck in a unhealthy situation. No matter your age, you can still live an active lifestyle, engaging with new friends and learning new things. That’s what keeps us young!

Now you’re ready, but where do you start?

Easy! Let’s schedule a time to talk and find out what type of senior living community best fits your needs and budget. We will make an action plan together, including getting a realtor out to help get your house listed. I work with some excellent realtors who specialize in downsizing seniors. We will work as a team to help you transition into your stress-free lifestyle.

Listen to my podcast Aging in Style with Lori Williams, where I explain the ins and outs of senior housing, how to pay for each one, and give real life examples of seniors who have made the transition to each type of senior housing:

Contact Lori at 214-783-1222 or through the website form.

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