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5 Signs it's time to move to Assisted Living

Is it Time to Make the Transition to Assisted Living?

Making decisions about aging loved ones and their living arrangements can be challenging and emotionally charged. It’s important to recognize the signs that it may be time to make the transition to assisted living. While every individual and situation is unique, there are five signs that can help families determine when this move is necessary.

1. Declining Physical Health. Your loved one is experiencing difficulty with daily activities such as dressing, bathing or maintaining personal hygiene. Frequent falls, chronic health conditions and the inability to manage medications properly are all red flags that should not be ignored.

2. Cognitive Impairment. Memory loss, confusion, and disorientation are all indicators that your loved one may need the safety and care provided by an assisted living.

3. Social Isolation and Loneliness. Older adults experiencing social isolation and loneliness are at higher risk for mental and physical health problems. Assisted living communities provide companionship, and engaging activities that promote social connections.

4. Inability to Maintain their Home. An unkempt or cluttered living space can be a red flag that a senior is having difficulty managing their home independently. Look for signs of neglect, such as unpaid bills, spoiled food, and general disarray. Assisted Living can relieve them of the burden of daily upkeep.

5. Caregiver Stress and Burnout. Family members often take on the role of caregivers for aging loved ones, but prolonged caregiving can lead to exhaustion, stress and compromised personal well-being.

It’s important to be proactive and make a plan for assisted living before you are faced with an emergency situation. Searching for an assisted living that best fits your loved ones needs and budget can be overwhelming and stressful. The help of a free local placement service can make all the difference. For help with senior housing and services in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, contact Lori at 214-783-1222 or visit

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