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5 Tips for Communicating With a Loved One Diagnosed With Dementia

Though many people have loved ones with dementia, they don’t always know the best way to communicate with them.

Senior Services Expert Lori Williams often relays tips to people whose parents have dementia – and they often realize they’re not putting them into practice.

Lori’s 5 tips can help you and your loved one with dementia live more peacefully and stress-free. It can be difficult tending to family with memory loss, but interacting with them effectively can help their mood and well-being (and yours).

Topics discussed:

- Alzheimer’s, dementia and short-term memory

- Communicating with people with dementia

- Caregiving support

- Practicing patience

Takeaways from this episode:

- It helps to differentiate between your loved one’s disease and them as a person. If they knew how they were acting, they might be embarrassed or mortified.

- Treat them with respect by maintaining eye contact, speaking clearly and at a moderate pace, and using shorter sentences.

- Join your family on their journey rather than correcting them. It’s often not worth the effort and in their mind, their reality is correct.

- Avoid arguing with them because you risk agitating them, embarrassing them or making them upset.

- Don’t remind them if a loved one has passed away. Each time they remember it can be like reliving it the first time. It also serves no purpose if they’ll just forget in 5 minutes.

- Demonstrate to your loved ones that you’re listening to them and trying to understand what they’re saying. Even if they repeat themselves often, try to be patient.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

008. Dementia Journey Through a Daughter's Perspective:

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