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Activities in Senior Living - it’s not what you think!

“A cruise ship on land” is how some people describe independent living, and this week’s guest is like the cruise ship director.

As a resident experience coordinator, Rhonda Bedrick manages all activities at Pinewood Hills retirement community. She helps seniors live their best lives by coming up with experiences ranging from exercise classes to field trips. Rhonda shares what activities to expect and how they have the power to enhance seniors’ lives with regular socialization and exploration. Life has changed a bit for those in senior living due to COVID-19.

Despite the challenges, Rhonda and her team have been creative in adapting to the situation and engaging residents. Thanks to their efforts, seniors have been able to stay active, continue to explore new hobbies and activities, and safely connect with other seniors - just a few of the benefits that independent living offers.

Topics discussed:

-Independent living

-Retirement communities

-Retirement community activities

-Senior living activities

-Staying active

-Finding purpose

-Staying connected

-Senior recreation

-Helping seniors during COVID-19

Takeaways from this episode:

-Seniors with physical limitations can still participate in activities and are encouraged to adapt according to their needs.

-Wellness checks are seamlessly built into the independent living experience with socialization as a regular part of everyday life.

-Activities often center on physical and mental wellness, with games that help seniors stay active and cognitively sharp.

-Many activities help seniors learn new skills and try new things.

-Before COVID-19, many activities involved meeting seniors at other senior living communities and taking field trips to local attractions.

-Ambassadors from within the retirement community can welcome new residents and help them feel more included as they navigate their new home.

-Finding activities to do outside (on patios), like putting on a parade, helps seniors feel cared for during the pandemic.

-Finding strength, purpose, and belonging are key to having a sense of fulfillment as a senior.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Pinewood Hills:

Finding Purpose at any age (episode 14):

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