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How Memory Care Day Centers are Providing Relief to Seniors with Dementia and their Caregivers

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

“A place we would have had our loved ones attend if it had been available when we needed it” is how Laura Lester, owner of Encore Memory Care Day Center, describes her business. Her adult “day stay” is a cause dear to her heart from caring for her own family members with dementia. After she learned what not to do, she now provides plenty of research-backed tips and tricks to share with her guests and their caregivers.

Laura goes in depth about what an adult daycare can do for its guests, who get a full day of activities – such as morning coffee talk, music, dance class, and even trivia to help their long-term memory. They’re often paired with buddies who can show each other around and bring each-other comfort. Laura also shares how those with the disease still want to give back and accomplish something, so they try to align their activities with their past profession.

According to Laura, not only does this stimulate their minds, but it helps their mood and gives them a sense of purpose. Many caregivers have said how this helps their loved ones become more talkative, restore their personalities and even sleep better at night.

Topics discussed in this episode:

- Memory care services

- How adult daycare make a difference for those with dementia

- How COVID-19 has affected this service

- Effective practices and activities to help dementia patients thrive

- The importance of routines

Takeaways from this episode:

-No matter your age, everyone wants to have a purpose. This is true for those with dementia too.

-Many adult daycare guests feel like they’re going to work or volunteering, and workers will help them find ways to use their skills.

- Strategize a way to get dementia patients to come on their own terms (don’t tell them it’s a daycare)!

- The VA often helps veterans get approved more quickly to join these programs.

- Many day stays dispense medication if needed and can get orders from a doctor.

- Adult daycares often develop individual care plans, learning the guests’ medical history and past, to help them thrive.

- They’re able to learn what best helps their guests and will tell caregivers when something works well for them, making life easier at home.

- Be sure to not argue with someone with dementia because it’s a lose-lose situation. Join them on their journey.

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