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Occupational Therapy: How it improves the quality of seniors' lives

With the right tools and support, anyone can overcome barriers and have a life worth living. That’s the goal of occupational therapists – like guest Heidi Huynh, OTR, CTRS.

Heidi is an occupational therapist that has spent years working with adults in their 50s and into their 100s in a variety of settings, including senior living. Occupational therapy involves helping you do anything you want or need to do safely, more easily, and independently. This is especially important for seniors who need help around the home, especially after hospital visits or injury.

With Senior Services Expert Lori Williams, she discusses:

- The ins and outs of occupational therapy

- Medicare insurance coverage

- The importance of mindset during recovery (and in life)

- Modifications and tools to stay more independent

- And more

Occupational therapy may sound like it just involves your occupation or job, but it’s about helping you adapt to daily tasks. Going to the bathroom, taking a shower, even walking around your home are tasks that occupational therapists make safer for seniors.

With Heidi’s tools, you’ll have ideas of ways to better equip yourself and find the professional help you need.

Topics discussed:

- Occupational therapy

- Home safety for seniors

- Senior independence

- Outcomes for positive, purpose-driven mindsets

- Outpatient therapy

- Skilled nursing facilities

- Walkers, shoehorns and safety bars

- Medicare coverage for occupational therapy

Takeaways from this episode:

- Occupational therapists can provide home visits to strengthen you to perform daily tasks, while adjusting your environment so you can do what you need to, safely.

- It may be tough initially to start using tools like walkers, but it restores quality of life by allowing you to be independent and partake in daily activities.

- Occupational therapy must be ordered by a physician, but is typically covered by Medicare.

- There are differently qualifying factors for home health versus occupational therapy, and they’re covered by different parts of Medicare.

- If you have Medicare Parts A and B and your occupational therapy is medically necessary, you have an unlimited amount of therapist visits.

Resources from this episode:

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How to senior proof a home, on a weekend:

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