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Residential care homes explained

Residential homes are great alternatives to large senior living facilities.

They feel like a home because they actually are houses rather than a resort or hotel atmosphere, and there’s often a better ratio of caregivers to residents.

There are many reasons why you might choose a residential home over another type of senior living, but Hal Cranmer adds even more to the experience. Based in Arizona, his residential homes are next level in terms of health offerings and engaging activities. His residents and caregivers are treated as family, complete with “home movies” – like a parody video of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” reimagined for seniors.

Hal joins Senior Living Expert Lori Williams to discuss his interesting journey to managing residential homes and his passion for his career. His care homes demonstrate this passion as Hal and his caregivers support seniors regaining control over their health and their lives through nutritious food, fun outings, and even personal training so they can stay active. Plus, families can easily visit, get involved, and help keep the seniors social and happy.

Hal believes seniors are still young on the inside – and many want to continue to have fun and be healthy for their families. His mission is to help that happen. You’ll get a peek at what the fun, family-like atmosphere he’s nurtured in this unique example of a residential home.

Topics discussed:

-Residential care homes


-Keeping seniors happy

-Senior activities

-Staying active as we age

-Senior nutrition and fitness

-Types of senior living

-Perks of residential care

Have a listen to the episode:

Takeaways from this episode:

- You might choose a residential care home over a larger facility because of price. Generally, care homes are priced lower than large facilities.

- Care homes supply 24/7 care, administer medications, and provide all meals, healthcare, and hygiene. They also coordinate different services like home health and mobile physicians.

- In the State of Arizona, Residential care homes are often limited to 10 residents and offer a more family / homey atmosphere. There’s no signage and it may be harder to find.

- Residential care can provide a home whether you’re active and just need a little help with medication, or if you’re on hospice and bedbound.

- Proper nutrition and exercise help improve quality of life in your remaining years. It can help increase mobility and help alleviate chronic conditions.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

'A Paradise for Parents', a parody video by 007.

To learn more about A Paradise for Parents, please visit:

For more senior resources and to sign up to the newsletter, please visit:

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