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Spreading Joy to Seniors

I am fortunate to have many friends who also work with seniors in my community. We all love to serve seniors, and we love to have fun. Every holiday we put together a "show" that we take on the road. We like to say we are not professional entertainers, but we are entertaining!

This week we visited seven local assisted living communities to perform our Easter show. We danced, shared some interesting Easter trivia (did you know the first Easter eggs were RED?) and played Easter hangman. While visiting the 6th assisted living on our list, one of the seniors pointed out that I had misspelled the word COTTON (I spelled it cotten...oops!). She actually said, "that lady can't spell", which had us laughing until we cried. Seniors do not hold back. LOL!

Our next traveling show is to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with local independent living communities, and I can't wait to celebrate and laugh with the residents. By the way, we go by our show name "The Quirky Crew" - our name was, of course, inspired by an outspoken senior. I'll tell that story another's a good one!

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