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Touring Checklist - Senior Living Communities

When touring senior living communities, here are some questions you may want to consider asking:

  1. What types of housing options do you offer for seniors? Some communities offer a continuum of care: independent living, assisted living and memory care.

  2. What amenities and services are included?

  3. What is the monthly cost and what does it cover?

  4. Are there any additional fees or charges that I should be aware of? Most communities charge a one-time community fee, and communities providing meals will charge a 2nd person fee for couples.

  5. What level of care and assistance is provided to residents?

  6. How do you handle emergencies and ensure residents' safety?

  7. Can you provide information about the staff-to-resident ratio and their qualifications? This would be a question for an assisted living, memory care or residential care home.

  8. What social and recreational activities are available for residents?

  9. Are pets allowed in the community? How much is the pet deposit?

  10. Can you provide me with a sample menu for meals and information about dietary options?

  11. Is there assigned parking or an additional charge for covered parking?

  12. How do you handle residents' transportation needs? Be sure to ask how far they can travel for doctors' appointments.

  13. What is the process for addressing complaints or concerns?

  14. Can you provide references from current of past residents and their families?

  15. What is the policy regarding visitors and overnight guests?

Remember, these questions may vary depending on your specific needs and preferences, so feel free to adapt them to your situation.

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