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Why Searching for Senior Housing Requires a Local Expert.

I personally search google for lots of things, but a google search for senior housing or care options is NOT advised. You truly require the knowledge of a local senior living expert and here's a perfect example why.

A concerned daughter called me a couple of months ago to find a memory care community for her mother. As often happens, she had no idea how advanced her mother's dementia was until her father, who was mom's caregiver suddenly passed away. The responsibility of caring for her mom was overwhelming, so she turned to google for a solution. She quickly located a large assisted living/memory care community close to her home, and moved her mom in. Unfortunately, it was not a good fit.

When we do our assessment with a family, we ask a lot of questions to learn as much as we can about their care needs, personality, likes, dislikes, etc. This daughter told me that her mom has always been introverted and shy. In learning more about her mom, I suggested that a smaller memory care or residential care home would be a better fit. It was important to her mom that she have a purpose, and be a "helper" to others. She also enjoys being outdoors and planting flowers. A smaller, residential care home would be a better fit for this ladies needs, and I immediately knew the perfect community for her. Thankfully they had one room available, and she moved in last month. I just heard back from her daughter, and mom is thriving and happy in her new home!

When you have questions about senior care, please reach out to me and my team for guidance. It's a free service!

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