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Senior Centers: A Place for Purpose

What is a day like in a senior center?

Lori Williams sits down with Jaime Jaco Cooper from Flower Mound's Senior Center for a behind the scenes look at what Senior Centers look like in a normal day (pre-COVID-19), who joins it (you'll be surprised!), and how they put together their active programming (it's more than just bingo!).

In this episode, Lori and Jaime explain the role and impact that senior centers have in the 50+ population, how Universities take part in furthering seniors' education, and how creative writing, line dancing, and fundraisers, make senior centers a lovely place to be!

To avoid the danger of senior isolation in times of COVID-19, Jamie explains how they had to pivot and how they stayed connected to all members of their community via Facebook, and how seniors have stepped up to the challenge.

Takeaways from this episode:

-Senior centers can accept members as young as 50 years old, and their programming varies according to their location.

-Senior Centers are the place for people to connect, to find purpose, and offer a wide range of active programming, well-being activities and even upskilling classes!

-Senior Centers can be run by the town, county or not paid by taxpayers dollars at all.

-Flower Mound's Senior Center has organized intricate food competitions, welcomed 'the greatest Elvis impersonator of all time', and often runs out of space for dancing classes.

-Many Senior Centers offer bus services to help seniors stay out of the steering wheel.

Resources Mentioned:

Flower Mound Senior Center:

(972) 874-6110

For more resources on Senior Housing, follow the link below:


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